About Us

Welcome to Apartment Network. My name is Robert Burns, the founder of ApartmentNetwork.com. Our staff has over 20+ years’ experience in the Apartment Locating Industry. To be competitive in today’s market realtors MUST provide accurate information to their clients. There are many credible realtor tools that offer pricing and availability, however these tools are just not 100% accurate. The only way to get 100% accuracy is to contact the apartments daily but this is just not practical. To prevent countless hours on the phone my colleagues and I have created a website called www.ApartmentNetwork.com - A free internet based service that connects Realtors and Apartments to provide accurate and reliable information.

Our Mission

Establish an environment where realtors and apartments can communicate with ease.

Our Vision

Create a FREE online environment that connects realtors with apartments.

Our Goals

Network realtors with the apartments to provide accurate information to the consumer.